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Ophidian Bath Salts

Ophidian Bath Salts

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Soak in our signature blend of Cedarwood, Neroli, Sweet Orange and Black Pepper with Magnesium Salt. Add a handful to a hot bath and allow to dissolve, so you can relax and recover. 

Capturing the duality of good and evil, an otherworldly scent to take you on a journey from the celestial to the infernal. 

Black Pepper
Considered sacred by the ancient egyptians, black pepper is rejuvenating, comforting and warming

Treasured for its cleansing medicinal properties in the past, Neroli helps to reduce stress and calm your mind, whilst purifying the air. 

Sweet Orange
Used as an antidepressant for centuries, Sweet orange oil is an uplifting scent said to enhance clarity in your mind and increase motivation. 

Cedar Wood
Cherished through the ages to purify and promote rebirth, Cedar wood oil is said to promote confidence, wisdom and strength.

250g. Made in Australia. Vegan, cruelty free and eco conscious.


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