Hopeless takes a very different approach to design and production. At present, all Hopeless pieces are made in-house, one by one and to order, to avoid material waste and overproduction. Our collections foreground thoughtful design, directional cuts, adjustable straps and stretch fabrics to ensure each piece is as comfortable as possible. For many of our styles, we offer customised sizing to accommodate all bodies and genders. 

Our pieces are intended to be purchased thoughtfully, worn often, and treasured for years to come. By manufacturing in this way, Hopeless keeps its environmental impact to a minimum. We make a concerted effort to research new products and opportunities to improve our efforts and lower our environmental impacts. If you have any ideas or insights, please feel welcome to get in touch.

While a made-to-order model does mean you may have to wait a couple of weeks to receive your lingerie, your choice to buy with us ensures that together we are supporting a more ethical and sustainable industry. 

Hopeless Lingerie Studio Space