Feeding on flesh from the soil that was hallowed
Splintered the bones and regaled in his feast
Danced on the grave of the pure and the righteous
As the moonlight's expelled from the eyes of the beast
- Judas Priest

Celebrating 15 years of Hopeless Lingerie. A selection of styles once much adored, killed off too soon. Raised from the dead, and reimagined, it’s time to continue their story. We have summoned silk, bows, lace and cutouts from the past, to foretell our future. Necromantic lingerie for our enduring lovers.

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P: Gabrielle Adamidis
M: Reva Willows
A: Dominique Adamidis & Edie Pell

Jewellery: Alicia Hannah Naomi


Look 5: Lydia Bodysuit and Claudette Dressing Gown


Look 6: Diane Top, Lizzie Skirt, Lauren Knickers and Peggy Sue Bag

Look 7: Winona Nightie and Giselle Knickers

Look 8: Bonnie Bralette, Bonnie Suspender, Bonnie Thong and Betsy Bag

Look 9: Limited Edition Resurrection T-Shirt

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