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Dark, modern, and romantic lingerie. Ethically made in Melbourne, Australia.


Currently every piece of Hopeless Lingerie is handmade at Hopeless HQ in Melbourne, Australia. Designing, sampling, manufacturing, posting, and all the other parts involved in the day to day running of Hopeless, happens in the one space. 
Hopeless had it's modest beginnings on Gabrielle’s dining table in 2008, before eventually taking over half of the house. Seeking some extra space, we packed up and moved into Dominique’s living room in 2015. As Hopeless continued to grow with the love and support from the Hopeless community, we made the decision that it was finally time for Hopeless to move into a home of its own.
As of December 2017, we now operate out of what was once a 2 bedroom home in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have old bedrooms for offices, a living room turned sewing room, dining room turned cutting room, and a kitchen turned showroom. We keep things small and in house, to ensure every member of our team is cared for and treated fairly. We strive to always provide a safe, happy, inclusive and welcoming space for everyone that spends time in our little Hopeless home.

Ethics & Sustainability | Hopeless Lingerie
Currently all of our Lingerie is made to order, one by one, as you place your order with us. We do this for a few reasons, that Hopeless holds very close to its heart. We believe lingerie is for anyone and everyone, and being able to provide our lingerie to anyone that wants it, is at the core of who we are. Making to order allows us to provide an extensive range of sizes, as well as offering custom sizing. This means that anybody can have beautiful, ethical and comfortable lingerie that fits, no matter their size or shape. 
Our made to order model helps us with another huge problem faced by the fashion industry - waste. 
Textile waste is having a massive impact on our environment, with six tonnes of clothing going into landfill every ten minutes in Australia alone. Through making each item to order, we avoid unnecessary product wastage, excess stock and minimise the wastage of materials. So while this does mean you might have to wait a couple of weeks for your lingerie, we promise it’s for an important reason and that together, we are actively stepping towards a more ethical and sustainable industry.

Ethics & Sustainability | Hopeless Lingerie
Hopeless is committed to doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We make high quality handmade products that are designed to last and be treasured for years to come.
All our basics are available in bamboo, one of the most sustainable raw materials currently available. Bamboo is fast growing, requires no fertilizers and self-regenerate from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted. Many of our limited edition ranges are created using dead-stock fabrics, which are excess from other brands that may otherwise go to landfill.
We are always exploring new sustainable fabrics for Hopeless, and hope to add more sustainable fabrics to our range. We try to get the most out of each piece of fabric we use, but some wastage is unavoidable, most of our fabrics scraps are sent for recycling, with some ending up as stuffing for beds at local animal shelters.
All our orders are posted in home compostable mailing bags made from renewable plant materials, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with stickers made from FSC certified papers. Thy are also printed with natural soy based ink. 
Our office recycles all paper and plastic products, including separating soft plastics, and will be soon setting up a composting system for all our food scraps. 
We are constantly making a concerted effort to research new products and opportunities to improve our efforts and lower our environmental impacts. If you have any ideas or insights, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Ethics & Sustainability | Hopeless Lingerie


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