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Lingerie in Film | In praise of High Cut | 80s Style Thongs & Underwear

Posted by Gabrielle Adamidis in inspiration, lingerie in film
14th July 2017

As some of you may already know, I have a personal project called Lingerie in Film over on Tumblr, that makes a regular feature on our Instagram account under the hashtag #lingerieinfilm too. It's something I wish had more time for, and thought it might be nice to post about it here on the blog too so I can try and get it happening more often!

Various Screenshots from the Lingerie in Film Tumblr Blog

Screenshots from the Lingerie in Film Tumblr

For our first Lingerie in Film post I wanted to start with something classic, and straight from my heart. Minimal black lingerie is obviously something we are passionate about here at Hopeless, and being an 80s child I have always had a weakness for high cut leg lines. We first introduced this cut back in 2012 with our 'Revenge' collection, but I don't think the world was ready for the 80s revival just yet. We didn't sell very many back then, but fast forward to 2017 and our Sabrina Thong is now one of our all time best sellers. 

To honour Sabrina please enjoy this post featuring some of my favourite Lingerie in Film moments. I would LOVE to hear about your favourites in the comments, and maybe even feature some in future posts too. 

American Psycho | Lingerie in Film | Hopeless Lingerie

1. American Psycho, 2000

The first time I saw this film, I was totally not ready for it, and completely unable to appreciate it. At the age of 18 I had not watched many slasher movies, and the black comedy/horror genre was totally lost on me. I was literally petrified, and thought about it for weeks after. It was not long after that I decided my fear of scary movies was a bit ridiculous, and I forced myself to go through the entire horror section at my local video store. I borrowed 5 movies a week and slowly but surely my love of horror was born. Looking back at this film it's kind of embarrassing to admit how much I misunderstood it. But thats the great thing about growing up I guess, being able to appreciate things you couldn't before, and seeing different forms of art in a different light. 

Our Sabrina Thong is named after a character from this film quite appropriately. One day I would love to do a range inspired by Patrick Bateman. Though honestly I say that about A LOT of movies. Patrick's clear plastic coat could be transformed into an amazing lingerie set. One day!


Point Break | Lingerie in Film | Hopeless Lingerie

2. Point Break, 1991

A brief appearance, yet possibly the longest of butts in this list. Maybe even in film. Point Break is one of those films I have seen literally hundreds of times and I'm not at all sorry about it. The knickers in this scene have a super dramatic cut at the front, which I somewhat mimicked for our newer Cheryl High Cut Thong. A little skimpier, and a little sexier than Sabrina, I actually love how this one gently cuts into the sides (usually my cardinal sin of lingerie).


Dirty Dancing | Lingerie in Film | Hopeless Lingerie

3. Dirty Dancing, 1987

I love when movies so massively fail at capturing the time in which they are set. Dirty Dancing is supposed to be set in the 1960s, but it is maybe the most 1980s movie in existence. And I love it. The fashion and outfits that happen when a film is such a product of its own time is so amazing. I don't care how tacky or lame anyone says this movie is, its in my Top 5 of ALL TIME. Maybe something to do with finding myself in Baby's curly hair and awkwardness, or maybe just Patrick Swayze in a leather jacket. The fishnets and high cut leg lines in this film are undoubtably iconic. 


Blue Velvet | Lingerie in Film | Hopeless Lingerie

4. Blue Velvet, 1986

Not strictly high cut, but definitely 1980s. I had to include Blue Velvet here because the purple and red room is such a beautiful interior. (And yes I have another project called Bedrooms in Film, but someone already does a better job of that than me here). 


Lost Highway | Lingerie in Film | Hopeless Lingerie

5. Lost Highway, 1997

Another David Lynch film, another beautiful set. I feel like I am at the tip of the iceberg with his films, though I've seen (nearly) all of them, I know I take them in on a visual and surface level more than anything. And really I think so many of them deserve repeated viewings to fully appreciate the world he creates. I always look forward to watching his films again, because I know as I age I can only appreciate (and understand) them more. 


True Lies | Lingerie in Film | Hopeless Lingerie

6. True Lies, 1994

This is possibly the most iconic Lingerie in Film scene ever for me. Jamie Lee Curtis KILLS ME. A perfect example of how good high cut underwear can make your legs look. I'm keeping this one brief as the screenshots should pretty much speak for themselves. 


If these have got you in the mood we have a few high cut styles in the shop right now. Enjoy!

High Cut Thong | The 80s Style Cheryl by Hopeless Lingerie

The Cheryl Thong

From our recent Fire Collection, a dramatic cut that dips super low at the front and very high at the sides. Made from firm but soft 'peephole' mesh fabric. 


High Cut Lingerie | The 80s Style Kelly by Hopeless Lingerie

The Kelly Knickers

An everyday Basic and favourite of many customers. Featuring a full brief back and available in Red, Pink, Black, or Grey Bamboo, Mesh or Organic Cotton. Also available in a 3 Pack!


High Cut Strappy Thong | The 80s Style Samantha by Hopeless Lingerie

The Samantha Thong

Cut from fishnet mesh and feauturing fully adjustable straps, we promise this won't cut in unless you want it too. Wear them high, or really high.


Classic High Cut Thong | The 80s Style Sabrina by Hopeless Lingerie

The Sabrina Thong 

Sometimes the best things are just keeping it simple. Sabrina is the thong for people who don't like wearing thongs. The softest fabric and trim make for underwear you will forget you are wearing, perfect for under leggings or tight skirts. We promise you will want more than one. Find the 3 Pack here

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