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Dark, modern, and romantic lingerie. Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

Introducing Ophidian | Soaps and Candles by Hopeless Lingerie

Posted by Gabrielle Adamidis in editorials
28th April 2017

Ophidian Soy Wax Candle by Hopeless Lingerie

While we've been busy sewing your knickers and bralettes we've also had a very exciting project bubbling along in the background. Its taken nearly a year but we are finally ready to announce our new range of soaps and candles. 

We collaborated with both an established Melbourne based candle maker and a soap maker, to create a unique scent we believe captured everything that was true to Hopeless Lingerie. We chose a combination of Cedarwood, Neroli, Sweet Orange, and Black Pepper essential oils to offer something that had just the right balance of darkness and romance, just like our lingerie. 

The candles are made with soy wax and cotton wicks, free from paraffin or harmful chemicals. The soaps are made using a slow-set soap making method to preserve the healing properties of the ingredients. Both are cruelty free and vegan. 

We are very excited to be expanding our brand into this area, with 'Ophidian' the first of 3 scents coming throughout the year. Good things really do come to those who wait.

Buy the Ophidian Candle here.
Buy the Ophidian Soap here. 

Artwork by the exceptionally talented Abby Drielsma. 

Ophidian Olive Oil & Coconut Oil Soap by Hopeless Lingerie

Black Pepper: Considered sacred by the ancient egyptians, black pepper is rejuvenating, comforting and warming.

Neroli: Treasured for its cleansing medicinal properties in the past, Neroli helps to reduce stress and calm your mind, whilst purifying the air.

Sweet Orange: Used as an antidepressant for centuries, Sweet orange oil is an uplifting scent said to enhance clarity in your mind and increase motivation.

Cedar Wood: Cherished through the ages to purify and promote rebirth, Cedar wood oil is said to promote confidence, wisdom and strength.

Ophidian Information Cards by Hopeless Lingerie

Ophidian Olive Oil & Coconut Oil Soap by Hopeless Lingerie

Ophidian Olive & Coconut Oil Soap Packaging by Hopeless Lingerie

Cleanse your body and soul with our new 'Ophidian' Soap. Wander the forest from dusk until dawn. Awaken your senses, and the spirits.  

Ophidian Soap & Information cards by Hopeless Lingerie

Ophidian Soy Wax Candle by Hopeless LingerieLight a fire in the darkness with our new 'Ophidian' Candle. Capturing the duality of good and evil, an otherworldly scent to take you on a journey from the celestial to the infernal. 

Ophidian Soy Wax Candle & Box by Hopeless Lingerie

Ophidian Soy Wax Candle by Hopeless Lingerie

Ophidian Candle & Soap Information Cards by Hopeless Lingerie

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