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1st July 2016

It’s been a long time since the old blog days back at Spokes ‘n’ Daggers, so much has grown since then and we are excited to share so many new things with you here on the Hopeless Diary. We now have a team of nine amazing ladies (plus my fiancé Nick), who help with sewing knickers, posting orders, accounts, emails, and everything in between. Everything is still made in house, and of course we still watch old movies while we sew.

 Nancy & Jeanne Set in Polka Dot

As many of you already know I am Gaby. Designer, art director, social media manager, seamstress, pattern maker, sample maker, um I could go on. I still love b-grade horror, VHS, and conspiracy theories. One of my favourite things about working at Hopeless HQ is that we have dress-up Fridays instead of casual Fridays. There are prizes. Today is denim day.

I recently got engaged to my partner Nick, who is just about to finish his PHD in History. When he isn’t teaching, at uni, or umpiring cricket he helps us with book-keeping and a little bit of admin.

In January of this year Hopeless moved out of my small house, and into Domi’s much bigger house. Domi is my sister and has been part of Hopeless since the beginning. She is the genius that thought of the name ‘Hopeless’ while still in high school. Domi now takes care of accounts, organising photoshoots, special projects, logistics, wholesale and a million other jobs. She has a cat called Biggie who regularly features on our Snapchat. Biggie is not allowed near the sewing. Domi is such a good cook she could easily win Iron Chef, and we are very excited to share some of her food here on the blog soon.


Valerie is our production manager, and started out with some volunteer days when it was just me doing all the sewing. From there she has worked incredibly hard on perfecting her sewing skills, while juggling a full time job at a bank, to now working with us full-time. As well as looking after our sewing girls, she also takes care of the majority of our customer emails and custom orders. Valerie is also a qualified make up artist and loves all things vintage and roller-skating.

Diana also works full-time on production. She cuts and overlocks every single pattern piece, sews a lot of roses and bows, posts orders, unpacks and checks all our deliveries and so much more. She started doing a work placement while studying fashion, and then decided she wanted to keep coming. Diana loves going to lectures about art and design, Gothic Lolita dresses, Harry Potter, and will one day curate her own art gallery.

Lucy Bralette & Charlotte Knickers in Wavy Lace

A lot of our sewing is now done by Kasia, who works full-time from her house near the beach, while looking after her daughters. She came to Australia from Poland where she used to work in a clothing factory. Kasia is by far our speediest seamstress, and we would be totally lost without her.

 Anita and Eugenie also help with sewing in the studio part-time. Anita is studying fashion at RMIT and loves noodles and scrunchies. We recently took her to get her first tattoo. Eugenie also runs her own small clothing line called Fem. She makes us all read our horoscopes, loves yoga and has a cat called Yves.

My best friend Jane lives in the country with her husband Billie and two sons Hank and Henry. Jane sews most of our harnesses, chokers and frame pieces. We went to fashion school together over 10 years ago, where we spent a lot of time in the food court and at Target.

Most of our orders are packed and posted by Emily. Anita and Emily share a strong love of turtlenecks. Emily has possibly the most amazing singing voice I have ever heard, and is currently completing a course in Music Therapy.

And then of course we have so many more friends like Steph, Avalon, and Emma who help with so many of our photoshoots, Andrew who imports most of our supplies, and our PR Agency Caro in LA who hold our samples for photoshoots and press.


Nancy & Jeanne Set in Polka Dot

We have some really exciting things planned for this little blog but would love to hear from you guys too! Please let us know what you want to see more of from us, and a little bit about yourselves too.

Because we are all a little camera shy please enjoy these pictures of our friend Ashlee wearing some of our favourite Hopeless pieces. These were taken in the part of the Hopeless house that Domi lives in.

P: Lisa Frieling
M: Ashlee Anne Scotland
MUAH: Valerie Nicdao
Art Direction & Styling: Domi & Gaby Adamidis

 Love Gaby and the Hopeless team xoxo


Im aware this is a pretty old post, however its lovely hearing about the team and what happens behind the scenes of your line. Can I ask for all you who sew, how did you learn or start out? I want to start taking classes but I’m finding it hard to find courses where I am, that aren’t just online.

Posted by Nicole on July 30, 2018

I’ve only just discovered your label via a friend of mine who shared your post about ASOS copying you. I’d never choose to buy something like that over a small, independent label who still hand sew everything and create such wonderful and heart warming blog posts’. You can really feel the love and passion you have for your label, and for your team Gaby. I wish you guys every success and I look forward to purchasing some goodies from you in the future. :) xxx

Posted by Emma on August 30, 2016

What a gorgeous, inspiring blog post. x

Posted by Cybele on July 07, 2016

This was so sweet to read it warmed my heart. I love everything you all do forever and always! ♡

Posted by Dima on July 02, 2016

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