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Tintypes with Sophie Caligari

Posted by Gabrielle Adamidis in stories
28th January 2016



Last night I had the honour of spending some time with Sophie and Ros to create a series of tintype photographs. Tintypes were popular during the late 1800s as they were relatively cheap to produce at the time, compared to their predecessor (the first publicly announced photographic process) the Daguerreotype, which was a much lengthier and more expensive process. Tintypes are made by creating a direct positive on a think sheet of metal, coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the support for the photographic emulsion Taking such time and thought for one photo is so vastly different to the process of digital, when it's not uncommon to take a hundred photos just to get one that you might publish.  It's such a beautiful art form and it makes me so happy people such as Sophie are so passionate about keeping it alive. 

Photos: Sophie Caligari
Model: Ros/Dullife Lingerie

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